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Every student wants to be successful and have a high GPA score. It is something that shows teachers and HR managers that you are a smart and diligent student. Some students do not understand the significance of this number in their diplomas. Is it worth it to work so hard during the years of studying? Yes, in most cases it is. You simply need to understand future goals. When you have a high score, it becomes easier to get to a job interview or apply to a college of your dreams. The problem is that it can be rather difficult to reach the goal. Many students do not know the algorithm of calculating their scores.

To calculate it, you need to know the number equivalent of every grade (A is 4, B is 3, and so on). Then, you add all the grades you had this term and divide the result by the number of classes you took. It seems like an easy procedure but can actually take a lot of time. If you don't want to waste yours, you can use this GPA calculator. You need to enter all the necessary information and the algorithm will do the calculations automatically. Study hard and you will reach your goals.

Why use a GPA in a resume?

If you plan to look for work in the USA, then your GPA will be of interest to the employer. Many large companies, such as Bank of America, Procter Gamble, Ernst Young, confirm that they want to see the GPA in the resume not lower than 3.0, and some 3.5. 

Usually a high score is required in banking and accounting, as well as in medicine.

GPA can be calculated at any time, on any segment of training. And so that it is always high, it is worth visiting all the objects, since the total amount of the GPA depends on each of them, whether it be choral singing or quantum physics.

The GPA from the grades is calculated as follows:

All grades from a diploma or certificate are added up;
The amount is divided by the number of items.
In the documents you need to register that the score is 4.3 out of 5 possible, according to our five-point system.


To translate grades into a 4-point system, as in the USA, we focus on the following data:

Score 5 = 4.0,
Score 4 = 3.0,
Score 3 = 2.0,
Score 2 = 1.0.
The remaining actions are the same - add up the points and divide them by the total number of items.

Each institution has its own minimum GPA for admission. For example, to enter the University of California, Berkeley, the average mark must be at least 3.87, and for a business school Hult - 2.5.

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