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Cool Math Games LogoEven if it is difficult for you to believe in the fact that math can bring you a lot of fun, the gamification of the process can make you change your mind. Check out these cool math games that can not only improve your skills but also put you in a cheerful frame of mind.

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Math Restaurant Math Run  
Math restaurant math run  
Mental Math React Math Game Snake
Mental Math Game React Math Game Snake Cool Game


2048 game checkers game
Tetris MathTutor Chess
Free Tetris /mathtutor Chess
Sudoku English Alphabets Memory Game
Sudoku English Alphabets Game Memory Game

Chess. Let's start with the most challenging one. The variations of how a chess game can go are so many that you will never get bored playing. There is no way of knowing where it is going to bring you no matter what is your first move. The game improves your logic and teaches you how to foresee the next steps of your opponent. These skills will definitely come in hand in life.

Checkers. It is sort of a warm-up before you move on to learning how to play chess. It is also rather tricky, however, it does not take as much time. You will be very happy to beat your friends by predicting their moves. 

Broken calculator. Often, you struggle to figure out the right way to solve a particular math problem. While playing this game, you will have to move backward and find out what the initial problem is when you already have the answer.

Money Master. This game is useful for those who still prefer paying in cash instead of using other available options. You will train to calculate the change so fast that you will be proud of yourself. 

Puzzle Game 2048. It's become rather popular these days as you can easily download the app. Your task is to merge (add) two same numbers and get a new one. The goal is to get the highest possible score. The game effectively improves your logic and other math skills.  

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