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Watercolour lip tattoo: details about trend technology

Lip Cosmetic Tattoo in MelbourneNaturalness in the image is a trend of the last few years. Every girl striving for fashionable makeup resorts to the use of nude and pastel tones, discreet colours, with which you can emphasize your beauty and hide flaws. And permanent lip makeup is just the thing. Dense lip staining has replaced by a new technique - watercolour lip tattooing. It is ideal for women who value a natural look but want to look graceful. We will talk about this technique in detail in the article.

What are watercolour lips? Features of technology

Aquarelle permanent lip makeup (powdery lips) has become the heir to the classic tattoo, with pigment filling the entire surface of the lips. The technique also performed using a traditional PM machine, but there are four significant differences from the classics:

The pigment injected into the uppermost layers of the skin to a depth of 1 mm. In classic tattooing, the centre of pigment injection is from 1 to even 1.5 mm.
Watercolour sponges made using light colours of pigments. Pastel, nude, light shades of pink, coral are suitable.
The watercolour technique of lips involves filling the entire surface of the lips with further shading of the pigment. But there is a transition in the pigment density: closer to the contour, it is brighter, and closer to the ebb of the mucous membrane, it gradually fades away.
Nude lip tattooing is a minor traumatic technique due to the superficial injection of pigment under the skin.
After the healing of the tattoo and the lightening of the pigment, the lips become not bright, but at the same time, they bear an accent on themselves. Unlike classic tattooing, which used dense filling with a bright, very thick pigment colour, permanent makeup in the watercolour technique makes the lips juicy, slightly voluminous, and refreshing. Aquarelle looks light and natural, emphasizes naturalness and gives femininity.
Today, lip watercolour is the most popular and demanded technique. The relevance is due not only, practically, to the painlessness of the procedure but also the fantastic effect - the lips seem to painted but retain their naturalness without pretentiousness.

Who is the watercolour tattoo technique suitable for?

The effect of watercolour tattooing looks natural and fresh, thanks to mixing several shades and soft shading. Therefore, this technique seems beautiful on the lips of both young girls and older ladies. The natural colour of the lips or the features of the appearance does not matter - the choice of the palette of shades is so vast that you can get any shade: from deep pink to fashionable nude. Today more and more girls are choosing beige lips. The effect looks stunning.


Also, choose this technique if:

  1. you are tired of applying lipstick or gloss to your lips every hour, which spreads, is eaten or wiped off on clothes, hair;
  2. you want to hide minor imperfections in the area: scars, age-related or congenital pigmentation, spots, traces of herpes;
  3. you want to change the shape of the lips slightly: visually raise the corners of the mouth, make the lips more voluminous;
  4. you want to change the natural lip colour, give it freshness, moderate brightness or hide the "eaten" lip contour.

It is important to note that PM lip watercolour is not suitable in some cases:

  • if there is cyanosis of the lips;
  • if you want to cover the old lip tattoo.
  • In the first case, when you want to hide the cyanotic lips completely, it is better to choose lip tattooing using the lipstick technique.

In the second case, watercolour painting cannot help in overlapping. Here, either choose another tattooing technique, remove the old tattoo with a laser, and then make a watercolour PM of the lips, which will be more effective and more beautiful.

Contraindications for powdery lip dusting

Like any permanent makeup technique, lip tattooing in watercolour style has contraindications:

  • diabetes;
  • immunodeficiency virus;
  • oncology;
  • epilepsy;
  • psychological and mental disorders.

Any ailments are a reason to postpone or refuse the procedure. If you feel unwell or have a disease, you should consult a doctor and a specialist. Hiding any illness that is a contraindication can lead to negative consequences and a deterioration in the quality of health.

It is strictly forbidden to do watercolours of the lips if there are dermatological defects in the area - eczema, acne, herpes, skin irritation and inflammation. The procedure should postpone until the skin completely healed and restored.

The master will refuse you to carry out the procedure if there is herpes on the lip or the skin has not healed after the inflammatory process. The PM of the lips in such a situation can worsen the skin's condition and cause repeated inflammation. In addition, the effect of the tattoo will be ruined, which will lead to the need for several corrections. We previously wrote more about herpes and lip tattoo.

How to prepare for watercolour painting
permanent lip makeup
There are basic guidelines for preparing for permanent makeup. You can read about this in the article - we advise you to stick to them to get the maximum result.
There are also recommendations regarding preparation for lip tattooing. To make the shade even, start preparing for the procedure 1-2 weeks in advance:

  • The lips should be soft, without horny skin. Therefore, 1-1.5 weeks before the procedure, cleanse the skin from chapped areas and keratinized scales delicately. It can do using unique soft scrubs or natural scrubs based on coffee, honey or sea salt.
  • Take care of moisturizing your lips to keep them firm and smooth. Use exceptional quality aloe-based balms or use natural oils. Hemp oil, olive oil, or others with a moisturizing effect will do.
  • Rule out injuries to the lips. Any microtrauma will negatively affect the effect of permanent watercolour lip makeup. Therefore, it recommended to protect the lips from the weather and use balms that are high in nutrients and vitamins.

Avoid direct sunlight, do not go to the solarium.

Stages of the watercolour lips procedure
The procedure consists of 5 main stages:

  • Consultation with a master, discussion of nuances. The master must understand what effect you want to see, what shade you would like and what shade suits you best. Ideally, you can show a photo of the watercolour lip tattoo you desire.
  • Sketch development. The wizard creates a form so that during the procedure, it does not go beyond the contour and demonstrate the future effect to the client. The optimal shade of the pigment is selected.
  • Application of anesthetic to eliminate pain during the procedure.
  • Performing tattooing according to a given and agreed sketch.
  • Disinfection of the tattoo area and application of regenerating agents with a healing effect relieve slight swelling and redness.

Do not be alarmed if the lip shade seems too bright and saturated to you. After healing, watercolour lips will lighten, and their shadow will become the same as you wanted. After a month, a correction should be made to renew the colour and affect the ideal.
Healing and care
In the first few hours / during the day after the procedure, lymphatic fluid may be released. It is necessary to get rid of it by wiping the lips with a cotton pad dipped in chlorhexidine.
It is essential to keep your lips moist and not to let your skin dry. A good quality moisturizing balm or regular cosmetic petroleum jelly should be applied to them.
For preventive purposes, you can start taking antiherpetic drugs.
The skin will completely heal and recover within 3-4 weeks. During this period, it is forbidden to carry out any cosmetic procedures that can injure the skin. You can apply lip cosmetics two weeks after the process.

How to prolong the effect of watercolour sponges?

Master Tips
The effect of lip tattooing with a watercolour technique lasts from 1 to 2 years. It depends on the skin and the body, the quality of materials and the professionalism of the master. But the prolongation of the effect depends on the client himself. The better the care, the better the lips will look for a more extended period.
For the tattoo to heal quickly and correctly, you should exclude visiting the steam rooms, solarium. You should not expose your lips to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. If there is a need for prolonged sun exposure, apply a high SPF cream to your lips.
For the first few weeks, you do not need to use decorative cosmetics and perform cosmetic procedures: scrubbing, peeling.
If you want to combine the procedure of tattooing and lip augmentation, be sure to consult with the master and cosmetologist, adhering to all the recommendations. We wrote about this in detail here.
And, of course, trust the work to professionals. Permanent makeup is not a procedure that should save on. After all, an intelligent choice of the depth of pigment injection and the use of high-quality consumables guarantee a flawless result. Trust your master and follow his recommendations.

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