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Spain summer camps

Main types of summer programs for children in Spain

Holidays in summer camps in Spain for children are held in accordance with the programs. The traditional program lasts for 2 weeks, 40 hours of this time are devoted to learning languages. In their free time, children participate in exciting excursions, communicate with each other (contributing to the development of language skills), spend time in nature, relax on the beaches and play sports. 

Some other programs include studying of the cultural characteristics of the country. There are also special courses for those who are seriously interested in fashion, design, art, photography, dance, etc. 

There are also programs with a different type of accommodation - children stay in the camp and settle in tents. This type of children's tourism is focused on outdoor activities. 

Benefits of spending holidays in summer camps in Spain

  • Summer holidays for children in Spain are organized very carefully. It is customary for the Spaniards to send their children to youth camps, especially sports ones. Children's camps in Spain are specialized, unlike those in other European countries, which indicates their high level. Each complex is located in the resort area so that students can have fun in nature.
  • Despite the fact that there are sports-oriented camps in Spain, active forms of entertainment are welcome everywhere. Each summer camp has special equipment for playing golf, football, volleyball, etc.
  • In addition to language classes, children in Spanish camps attend cultural events and attractions
  • Children will acquire extensive cultural knowledge about Spain
  • A favourable climate contributes to a good mood, and therefore a willingness to accept knowledge
  • Children will be able to learn not only Spanish but also English
  • Children will have a great rest and will acquire useful language skills.
  • All teachers are professionals, the level of education is high

Best summer camps in Spain - Enforex Camps

The Enforex Barcelona Beach Summer Camp

It is located just a short walk from the heart of Barcelona, ​​in sunny Castelldefels. It is the best beach in Barcelona and is ideal for sports tourism and outdoor activities. Children study here in a modern building that has spacious and bright classrooms and many rooms for active recreation and good time.

An important feature of the camp is that 20% of the participants of the children are Spanish. Children from other countries, including Ukrainians, respectively, can learn Spanish not only in class, but also during activities and recreation through the practice of communicating with native speakers. The camp is very conveniently located close to the beach and the city's attractions.

Camp Barcelona Centro

Camp Barcelona Centro is located on the territory of the University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona) - one of the best universities in Spain. Modern buildings surrounded by incredible beauty of nature, landscaped parks - all this provides an ideal atmosphere for active recreation and an interesting, rich language learning program.

The camp is very conveniently located close to the beach and the city's attractions. In addition to studying the language, students can play sports, because there is a basketball court and a gym, as well as play music in the music room.

Camp Enforex Madrid

Camp Enforex Madrid is organized on the campus of the private university Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in the vicinity of Madrid. This campus is very spacious and green, with modern sports grounds for practicing various sports (football, tennis, basketball, etc.).

The camp is ideal for both younger students and seniors who want to feel the real university atmosphere.

Malaga Summer Camp

The camp in Malaga is located in the private school Colegio Unamuno in an exclusive area of ​​the city. The school has a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea. The main school building includes a residence, classrooms and a cafeteria. For fun and active leisure, the school also has a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court and outdoor playgrounds. 

Marbella Centro Summer Camp

The camp for older teenagers is located on the territory of the Colegio Albergue educational complex, which is only a 5-minute walk from the center of Marbella. This proximity helps students, subject to written permission from their parents, to leave the camp in groups for shopping in the center. The territory of the complex is fenced and has everything you need to spend your free time interesting and useful: a large outdoor pool, 3 sports grounds, a tennis court, a terrace, a garden.

Marbella Las Chapas

The camp is located on the territory of a beautiful estate with an area of ​​3.8 hectares, surrounded by a pine forest. Children live and eat in the central building of the estate, and study in the neighboring building. For sports activities on the territory of the complex there is a large swimming pool, universal sports grounds, a paddleball court, two football fields, a basketball and mini-football field.

The active recreation program for children includes sports competitions, dancing, parties, camping and much more.

Salamanca Summer Camp

The golden city of Spain, as Salamanca is also called, has a rich history. It is in this city that the second oldest university in the world is located. Camp Enforex Salamanca is located within the old city walls, in the building of the private school Colegio Calasanz, which is a prime example of the architecture of Castile and Leon in the 19th century.

The inside of the school is completely modernized. On campus, there are football, basketball, handball and volleyball courts, a roller-skating track and the like.

Valencia Summer Camp

In Valencia, the Enforex Summer Camp is organized at the Galileo Private School, in the city's vibrant university district. From here you can easily reach the center of Valencia and the Mediterranean coast. Children from 14 years old live either in the residence or with a host family.

After classes, camp participants have a rich program of sports and entertainment activities, including handicrafts, photography, journalism, flamenco and much more.

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