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How to Make Money on YouTube for Beginners — Instruction

How to make money on YouTube from scratch? The main condition for stable earnings is to create a high-quality, interesting video material and build up a loyal audience. Also on the opportunity to generate income on the network and affects the number of subscribers, views and likes on video. How to get them quickly in this situation, you may ask? In fact, very simple, if you do not have enough activity on your channel, you can get real subscribers, views and likes on YouTube at Low prices and fast execution of your order is guaranteed. After gaining popularity, connect one or more methods of monetization. Today, the Internet offers a lot of opportunities to earn a stable and decent income. Interested? Then let's consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages, features and pitfalls of each option.

How to make more money on youtube - A profitable scheme

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Every year the video hosting channels are becoming more and more popular.

The most famous of them is YouTube, which is watched by billions of users around the world. Only in Russia, the service was able to attract more than 50 million people. A resource with a huge audience, actively watching videos, clips, movies, games and other video information, creates conditions not only for entertainment, but also for business.

So, let's start learning how to make money on YouTube. Probably everyone knows that earnings of channel owner depend on the number of views of video clips. A reasonable question arises: "Who will pay for it?" The answer is banal - advertisers. If you've used YouTube, you start watching videos with a small commercial and you can't help but notice the pop-up ads.

It is the posting of the ads that generates revenue for the youtuber. On average, the channel owner receives $3 per 1,000 views per video. Therefore, the financial success of the project depends on the number of uploaded videos and their number of views.

The scheme for earning on YouTube is simple:

  1. Choose an interesting topic and promote the channel.

  2. Record quality clips and upload them to YouTube regularly.

  3. Compose titles and descriptions, taking into account the keywords by which you can find the channel.

  4. Join in all possible ways of monetization.

  5. Make a profit and reinvest some of it into the channel.

To make the project work at full capacity, it is necessary to involve all the points of contact with the client. A blogger with average popularity can earn 25,000 to 50,000 per month.

More successful channels make more than 300,000 rubles, and video hosting leaders make several million over the same period.

Top ways to make money on YouTube

There are several options for making money on YouTube:

  • Participate in an official YouTube affiliate or work with one of the media networks to earn income from advertising.

  • Collaborate with organizations that offer rewards for potential consumers.

  • Engage in direct advertising.

  • To carry out commercial activity through your channel - to be engaged in trade and sale of services.

  • CPA networks are a great way for the owner of the channel to become an intermediary and make huge money.

  • To rely on the generosity of subscribers - collect donates (donations) or find a sponsor.

To bring income to a decent level, you will have to work hard. The channel must comply with established requirements, and violations of the rules can lead to blocking. A huge number of youtubers are known to go broke, investing a lot of time and money. Therefore, to come to success, it is important to take into account all the nuances, to constantly improve and make your channel really interesting for people.

Connecting monetization

Officially, there are two ways to monetize your YouTube channel:

  • AdSense - Google service, with successful cooperation with which a larger percentage of earnings on YouTube goes to the channel owner.
  • Media networks - participation in an affiliate program involves this division of profits: 70% goes to the media network, 30% to the blogger.

Here it is important to carefully study the offers, conditions, feedback from other youtubers, and choose the right affiliate program for yourself.

monetization and promote youtube channel

Some of the most popular are Air, GT Russia, VSP Group, and QuizGroup. Connecting to them becomes possible if the account is already linked to Adsense.

But in order to enable channel monetization, the latter must meet certain requirements:

- Have at least 1000 subscribers.

- Over the last year, 4,000 hours of video content viewing should be accumulated.

By the way, until 2017, no conditions were put forward at all, and the channel was moderated even if it had only one video.

When calculating the amount of future earnings, it is important to understand that payment is received only for commercial video shows. Another important nuance - the longer the advertising period, the higher the remuneration the blogger will receive. In addition, the cost of display depends on the type of advertising:

- Banner - can remain in view from the beginning to the end of the video. The big disadvantage is the ability to hide it by clicking on the cross.

- Preroll - this ad is impossible to miss. This is one of the most expensive types of advertising. Only after 5 seconds of viewing, the visitor has the opportunity to continue to study the commercial or go to the advertiser's website.

- Video with the ability to skip after a few seconds of viewing. Can be inserted both at the beginning and in the middle of video content.

To enable monetization, just follow these steps:

- Click on the inscription "Channel" and in the tab "Monetization" activate the function. If "Unable" appears, specify your country of residence, and you can leave an application for consideration.

- After submitting the application, agree to the rules of the service.

Link your account to Adsense by clicking on "Get Started" near the appropriate sign to receive payments.

- Next, you'll have to select the account you want (if you have more than one) and click on "Accept."

- After the successful connection, the advertising should be set up. To do this, check the boxes next to the types of advertising campaigns that will be shown on your channel.

After the manipulation, you have to wait for the administration's check to start earning on YouTube.

Google Adsense and Media Networks

So, if your channel meets the stated requirements and your monetization request has been approved, congratulations, you have become a YouTube partner.

Now you will be able to earn profits for:

- displaying Google Adsense ads;

- YouTube Premium subscriptions, if purchased by the viewer.

This way of generating income is absolutely passive and has no impact on the creative process of the blogger, but it has its disadvantages:

- low income;

- you have to have at least $100 on your account to make a profit.

Connecting to a media network gives a novice youtuber more opportunities to withdraw funds: usually the threshold is $0.5-1$. They pay the channel owner - 25-30% and take commissions for:

- training materials;

- access to additional methods of monetization;

- fast withdrawal of funds.

The degree of income can be different and depends on the following indicators:

- the topic of the video, compliance with censorship rules, the quality of the video;

- Region in which viewers live;

- Number and duration of viewing advertising-video ads;

- advertisement format;

- How many commercials were shown.

Direct advertisers

Working with advertisers directly is a more profitable, but responsible way to make money on YouTube. In this case, you will have to coordinate the script with the advertiser, to comply with the deadline. But the level of income is much higher than from Google Adsense ads. Top youtubers can earn from 250,000 roubles per commercial. Of course, this is the level of channels with millions of subscriptions, but less promoted bloggers also have a chance to make good money.

Consider how the scheme with direct advertising works. Let's say you are the creator of children's entertainment channel, which has already gathered an army of fans. Well-known stores of expensive toys or other products for children will be happy to cooperate, providing their goods for your videos. In this case, advertising the product is presented in a playful relaxed form.

Of course, watching a favorite young blogger playing with some toy, encourages the purchase of children's products presented in the review. The same scheme works with other products as well. But the problem is that direct advertisers are unlikely to agree to work with a channel that has a small audience reach.

But despite the high fee, the shooting and showing of custom-made commercials has its pitfalls, which can be detrimental to the channel:

- if you "praise" a low-quality product, you can lose the loyalty of subscribers, get a lot of dislikes and unflattering comments;

- if too veiled advertising, the advertiser will be dissatisfied;

- video is boring and uninteresting - such a video will be unclaimed and will lead to the dissatisfaction of all parties.

How to make yourself known? Popular channels practically do not have to do anything, offers of cooperation arrive all the time. Those who have not achieved such indicators, you can try to connect to the advertising exchange.

The pros of working through specialized services:

- the customer pays an upfront fee;

- Exchanger places the job only if there is the necessary amount on the advertiser's account, which remains blocked for the period of execution of the order;

- after placing ads, remits money to the owner of the channel.

In turn, exchanger receives remuneration for mediation - 5-15% of the transaction.

Affiliate programs

A great way to make money on YouTube is SRA networks and affiliate programs.

The essence of monetization with the help of affiliate programs:

- register on a specialized service;

- Choose an offerer and get an affiliate link;

- Receive payment for each transition and committing a targeted action at the partner site.

There are no specific requirements for this way of earning. Both beginners and well-known channels can advertise their partner's products. It is reasonable for beginners to register in СРА-networks. One of the most reliable is On this platform you can always find a huge number of offers with a variety of conditions.

Selling goods or services

Many manufacturers have commercial goals in creating a channel to promote their products. Detailed reviews provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate all the benefits of a product or service. If you are engaged in resale, the channel becomes a free advertising tool to attract potential customers.

Thus, you can work on the dropshipping system, selling goods from China, American suppliers. It is good if you will have your own online store or a landing page. The link can be placed in the description of the video. How much you can earn on YouTube by selling goods or services depends only on your diligence and talent to interest the viewer.

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