By Martha Simons


How do I memorize the graphical representation of numbers?

Very often it happens that the baby perfectly counts up to 1 to 10, but can not independently find the number shown in the picture. For him, the graphical image of the figure is a complex abstract concept. The development of abstract thinking is not a simple process, as child psychologists believe. And without the help of adults can not do without it.

Very often kids confuse numbers that are slightly similar to each other, for example, 6 and 9, 8 and 3, 4 and 7. And this problem should not be missed in any way. Krohe needs help to understand such complex, for its perception, graphic images. Kid will be much easier to remember a figure, if he can find its resemblance to any object or animal: 2- swan, 8-glasses.

If mom can find interesting poems about numbers, the process of remembering them will be even easier. How to help kids? The main thing is not to be angry with children, if they do not grab everything "on the fly". This is for you, adults, everything is easy and simple, and for children who have just begun to master the numbers and the account, everything is very difficult. Any teacher or child psychologist in Moscow will confirm that the most effective way to memorize new material for children will be to play math lessons.


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