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How Can a Math Calculator Help Aussie Gamblers Win More Often?

Our math calculator is not only helpful for those of you who are still in school, struggling with complicated projects and overwhelming homework. In fact, the practical applications of Mathematics are numerous and they expand to dozens of fields, gambling included. If you live Down Under or in a different part of the world and you are driven by a burning passion for casino gambling, you too could benefit from our special calculator. Here is how!

The Dreaded House Edge

The house edge and the RTP percentage, also known as the Return To Player percentage are the main math concepts that the majority of players seem to have a difficult time understanding. This also automatically means they are unable to use them to their best interest.

The house edge is briefly defined as the percentage that the player is able to use in order to quickly compare various games and opportunities to win and make the most advantageous decision. A game with a high house edge should be avoided, whereas a game with a low house edge should become your main point of interest if you wish to hold on to your bankroll and see it grow more often.

So what is the house edge, to be more precise?

The money percentage that a casino, whether a land venue or a top casino online reviewed by pros will receive in the form of a profit. The profit will be determined by the amount of money you, the player, will wager. A $100 bet on a slot game with a 12% house edge means the casino will be collecting $12 of the money you bet in the form of their profit. On the other hand, betting $100 on a game of blackjack with a 1% house edge will considerably drop the casino's profit to just $1.

How can our calculator help?

Percentages are not difficult to determine, but if you are having trouble handling a large number of percentage calculations at once on your own, you can rely on our trustworthy calculator to simplify things. Once you create a detailed list of all the house edges for all the games provided by the casinos you choose to play at, you should focus more on games with lower house edges and enjoy significantly improved results.

What is the Return to Player Percentage and How Can it Help?

This is basically the house edge formulated in a slightly different manner. The RTP percentage is the percentage of the player's bet that will go back to the player, similarly to the way the house edge percentage will return to the casino. Add the two together and you will obtain a 100 percentage.

By using simple math and knowing one of the two, you will immediately figure out what the other one's value is and make better choices when selecting the games you want to play. Choose those games that have a high RTP percentage so you can limit your losses and increase your wins.

Mix Math With Strategy to Win

As long as you are able to use math to your best advantage and manage to push for a very low house edge and a high return to player percentage, you can expect to enjoy better chances of winning more often.

If you are a big fan of the game of blackjack, for example, you will need to use math to find out what is the most advantageous way of playing each and every new hand. Since all blackjack hands have just way to play based on the card shown by the dealer, you will need to also pay attention to some odds. Namely, the odds of drawing each specific card that is still left in the deck.

The great news is that you will not have to concern yourself with understanding or memorizing any of the advanced blackjack strategies you come across online. It will suffice to find them and use them, with the help of our calculator online and thank yourself later.

Math for Dice Gamesdice games

If you are a big fan of the game of craps, you will need to also focus on learning some basic dice math. A dice features six sides, and the game of craps will rely on two dice. In other words, each dice has six potential outcomes, with each of the outcomes occurring an average of one out of six times.

In order to roll a 2 on both of the craps dice, the player will have a 1 out of 6 chance of rolling a 2 on the first dice as well as a 1 out of 6 chance of rolling a 2 on the second dice. The player will, therefore, be able to roll a pair of 2's one out of thirty-six 36 times on average.

It would be helpful to buy your own pairs of dice and get better acquainted with them and their potential combos so that the odds are easier to grasp.

Finally, some simple math will also help you know when to play certain games and how much to bet on them, so your bankroll can last for longer.

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