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Best Customer Service Software Solutions in 2021

Best Customer Service Software Solutions in 2021

Nowadays, any business management strategy that doesn't integrate available business tools to improve customer service will not last long in that industry.

Customer service software solutions are essential for customer retention and satisfaction. Managing the demands of a wide range of customers requires using efficient customer service solutions.

An online customer service system involves various customer service solutions such as PDF tools, email management, live chat solutions, etc. The best customer support tools will help make customers happier and improve sales.

This article discusses some of the best customer service software to increase customer satisfaction.


Slack is one of the top customer software solutions available in the free market. Slack enables small, medium, and large businesses to utilize newer technologies to reach their customers.

The live chat feature on Slack helps resolve customer complaints in real-time. Live chats are so effective in customer support for maintaining customer satisfaction and retention.

Moreover, Slack has video conferencing for weekly or emergency meetings. The video conferencing feature helps in surveys for real-life feedback from customers about various products.


  • Virtual office

  • Live chat

  • Online ticketing system

  • Video conferencing



LuminPDF is one of the best customer service solutions for handling and processing documents. This PDF tool enables real-time syncing when editing your PDF files. Also, any change is quickly uploaded to cloud storage.

Another essential feature of Lumin is its autosave feature. You don't need to worry about hitting the save button after every few lines to protect your data. The AI handles this process for you in real time.

Moreover, the Lumin business tool easily integrates with essential customer support software to optimize complaint resolution time.


  • Autosave

  • Easy team collaboration

  • Real-time synchronization

  • e-Signature

  • API and native integration


Recurly is one of the business tools that help the customer support of a company become more effective. This product enables native integrations with other customer service tools smoothly.

Besides, Recurly is a top-rated customer software solution tool that efficiently automates redundant procedures and saves time. Like many others, Recurly has a fantastic online ticketing tool that keeps track of the complaints. 

Also, your team can manage all subscriptions, remind customers of recurring payments, and offer promotion codes to deserving customers.


  • Manage and automate subscriptions

  • Real-time customer support

  • Live chat

  • API and native integration

NICE inContact CXone 

NICE inContact CXone is a customer support tool that supports native API integration, which reduces the time for complaint resolution and makes your support team better.

As part of its many features, NICE inContact CXone automates many steps involved in complaint resolution. The online ticketing system equally tracks, updates, and keeps a record of every customer feedback.


  • Online ticketing system

  • Native integrations

  • Self-help

  • Live chat 

  • Information cloud


As the name suggests, EZOfficeInventory offers one of the best platforms for online ticketing. EZ enables the support team to take inventory of all the feedback from customers quickly.

Moreover, you can conduct a customer survey and get essential information from the ticketing system. Businesses can quickly improve customer satisfaction by integrating EZ with other business management tools like LuminPDF.


  • Quick surveys

  • Reliable ticket inventory

  • Native integration

  • Information base

  • API

Boss Solutions Suite

Boss Solutions Suite is an award-winning customer software solution that completely integrates with other service software solutions. Ticketing, tracking, and resolution of complaints become efficient when using Boss.

Boss Solutions not only has a great API but also provides a self-help platform that reduces the number of customers on the queue waiting to speak to a live representative.


  • API

  • Self-help platform

  • Automated 

  • Online ticketing

  • Live chat

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is a must-have for any serious customer service team. The software provides a virtual support system to customers to log their complaints and have them resolved quickly.

The Jira Service Desk management saves valuable time both for the support staff and the customers. The self-service platform on the app is necessary for tech-savvy customers to resolve their issues quickly.

However, the software might be too much for customer service teams with little tech knowledge. Jira offers customer service software solutions at an affordable rate with an extra 7-day free trial.


  • Cloud storage

  • Live chat solution

  • Online ticketing system

  • API

  • Self-service platform

  • Easy app integration


LiveAgent is an online customer service software for companies. With LiveAgent’s live chat features, the system notifies you when the customer is typing a response.

Also, small businesses with low budgets can easily get LiveAgent and integrate it with other customer management tools available to them.


  • Live chat updates

  • Automation

  • Group chats

  • Information banks

  • API

  • Native integration


With multiple intelligent features, Freshdesk can serve as an efficient multitasking customer service tool for your business. 

Although Freshdesk provides efficient services, it is unique because it seamlessly engages your customer service team. 

Freshdesk has an online ticketing system uniquely designed as a gamification system called  Freshdesk Arcade

Freshdesk Arcade also features an award system that you can tweak based on your preferences. The system ranks your support team's ticket resolution and motivates them to improve their performances.


  • Freshdesk Arcade

  • Good native integration

  • Online ticketing system

  • API

  • Staff motivation and reward system


Groove is an excellent online customer service solution that is free, smart, and offers an easy-to-use platform. Groove uses an innovative ticketing system to help your team organize, prioritize, and track email feedback.

Also, customer service representatives can share information and interact with each other to improve the quality of the service they provide. With Groove’s premium version, you gain access to advanced business management features.


  • Save resolution time

  • Email ticketing and management

  • Free and premium versions 


Innovative businesses shouldn't only use live chat systems for customer service. Olark offers much more than just problem resolution; it gives advanced customer information. 

Customer support teams can prioritize live chats by comparing browsing history, on-site duration, and other customer details to close more sales. 

By using Olark as a customer service solution, businesses can reduce cart abandonment rates by quickly guiding customers to the salespoint.

More so, the online customer service system starts at 19USD per month for each customer representative.


  • Priority live chats

  • Improved product sales

  • Detailed customer information and preferences

  • Premium version


Customer satisfaction and retention are essential aspects of customer management. Using online customer service software solutions improves the consumer’s interaction with your brand on a personal level.

Every business should strive to integrate the right customer service tools. Choose from the customer service software solutions listed above.

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