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Colleges in London for foreign students

Colleges in London – education information

The best colleges in London offer the opportunity to receive basic higher education in a variety of areas. It is worth noting that England has an extensive system of colleges, within the walls of which you can get a prestigious higher education, a certificate, a diploma, the presence of which allows you to start working in your specialty.

Below the advantages of studying in the international colleges in London are provided:

  • Emphasis on working with foreign students: all teachers here have received appropriate education, additional qualifications, are able to work with international groups;

  • Active study of English: here you will find the most intensive course, and with an academic bias, in order to be ready for a British university in the shortest possible time;

  • Deepening knowledge in academic subjects, expanding competencies, strengthening the theoretical base. In just 1-2 years, you will not only be able to repeat everything you have studied before, but also turn it into a stable foundation of knowledge for your resume to the university admissions committee;

  • High intensity of classes. There are significantly fewer extracurricular activities, entertainment and excursions here than in traditional private schools, and the existing ones are aimed more at consolidating the curriculum. But the best international colleges in London will be a real gift for persistent, purposeful, ambitious and talented students who clearly know what they want and are ready to work hard for it.

Offered programs in the international colleges in London

Studying at colleges in London is usually senior classes, Sixth Form and preparation for university. Below there are offered educational programs for students:

  • A-level - the two-year gold standard of British pre-university preparation. There are one-year courses, but they are for the most persistent and gifted students, the intensity and depth of training is very high.

  • International Foundation - one-year course of language and academic studying.

  • BTEC - the first working, applied specialization that can be obtained at school /college.

  • Pre-Program - specialized studying courses for foreign students before enrolling in universities in the UK.

List of colleges in London – TOP 5

  • Abbey DLD College London 

Abbey DLD College London is a prestigious educational institution in the heart of London, a few minutes from the Parliament Building on the South Bank. It occupies a purpose-built building with state-of-the-art facilities that reflect the spirit and ambitions of the staff and students. The campus in the city center offers students a huge variety of educational, cultural opportunities, entertainment.

The College offers a number of courses, programs, including A Level, BTEC, GCSE, International Foundation programs. A friendly, flexible approach to learning helps students gain confidence in their abilities.

  • CATS College London

CATS College London is a top college for foreign teenagers, founded in 1952, one of the most innovative, successful independent education providers in the UK and the USA.

The college combines exceptionally high-quality education with a deep understanding of students and their personal needs. CATS College London is known for its welcoming, enriching environment. Young people are taught by outstanding teachers, supported by a talented welfare team with experience in educating foreign students so that everyone realizes their potential in the British educational system.

  • David Game College London

Founded in 1974, David Game College London is one of London's leading private colleges for students aged 13-22. The educational institution offers a dynamic educational experience, providing students with the opportunity to study, to develop new talents and skills. A-level and GCSE courses, a structured environment allow students to get the results they need to enter university.

  • Bellerbys College London

London's elite Bellerbys College offers a range of courses designed specifically for international students, taught by experienced educators. Popular programs form academic skills, preparation for the English language, and the confidence necessary for further education.

The college's specialists have many years of experience teaching international students, strong relationships with leading universities in the UK. Students receive an internationally recognized education, support when applying to the university, and care from experienced staff. Graduates achieve consistently high results in exams, studying in a hospitable and multicultural environment.

  • Fine Arts College London

Fine Arts College is a well–known specialized performing arts school that provides an academic bridge between the school and the university, an atmosphere of friendly community, supports the talents and ambitions of students.

Fine Arts College has received numerous national awards from the Good Schools Guide, an award for outstanding achievements for young people studying media, film, television. The educational institution was awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of art, design, photography, recognized as one of the best independent schools of art, design photography.

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