By Martha Simons


Советы успешных игроманов в казино

Казино – это не только развлечение, это реальная возможность немного подзаработать. Но, чтобы достичь желаемого, необходимо знать некоторые правила и секреты, которые помогут не только получить удовольствие от игры, но и извлечь из нее максимальную выгоду. Как правильно это сделать подскажут советы и рекомендации опытных гэмблеров. Основные [...] Read more

Why do you need math?

Will you be able to explain to the child why they need to do math? After all, learning concepts, laws of mathematics and logic, solving mathematical and logical problems requires mental effort. And what for at all it is necessary? 1. Mathematics develops thinking. Studying math and solving problems, the child learns: to summarize and highlight the [...] Read more

How do I memorize the graphical representation of numbers?

Very often it happens that the baby perfectly counts up to 1 to 10, but can not independently find the number shown in the picture. For him, the graphical image of the figure is a complex abstract concept. The development of abstract thinking is not a simple process, as child psychologists believe. And without the help of adults can not do without [...] Read more

Mathematical development

One of the main tasks of preschool education is the mathematical development of the child. It is not just about teaching how to count, measure and solve arithmetic problems. It also implies the development of the ability to see, discover in the world around us properties, relationships, dependencies, and be able to transmit them through signs and [...] Read more

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